At Colleen Strawberries, we've spent decades perfecting our growing and packing operations within the company. Each strawberry is hand-picked and gently placed directly into clamshell packaging straight from the field. With the use of clamshells, we can be confident that our berries are protected from the time they leave the field to the time they are enjoyed. The berries are then driven just 3.5 miles to our family owned cooler, Berry Chill, where they are cooled to a precise 34°F. To ensure that we deliver the freshest berries possible, all of our berries are loaded onto refrigerated trucks the day they are picked. The majority are shipped to distribution centers around the world. You might find our strawberries in Kroger Stores, Wal-Mart, or Trader Joe's.

Our clamshell packaging is manufactured by Peninsula Packaging Company, an environmentally friendly plant in Exeter, CA. Peninsula Packaging uses clean energy from the sun to manufacture clamshells from recycled bottles.

1 lb. Berries

8 - 1 lb. clamshells

2 lb. Berries

4 - 2 lb. clamshells

4 lb. Berries

2 - 4 lb. clamshells

Pint Berries

8 Pints

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